D-link Switches

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D-link Switches

D-Link offers a comprehensive lineup of switches catering to diverse networking requirements:

For Gigabit Ethernet:

  • Managed: DGS-1100, DGS-1210, DGS-1510 series
  • Unmanaged: DGS-1005, DGS-1008 series
  • PoE: DGS-1100-PoE, DGS-1210-PoE, DGS-1500-PoE series
  • Non-PoE: DGS-1005, DGS-1008 series

For Fast Ethernet:

  • Managed: DES-1210, DES-3200, DGS-3000 series
  • Unmanaged: DES-1005, DES-1008 series
  • PoE: DES-1210-PoE series
  • Non-PoE: DES-1005, DES-1008 series

These switches offer various port configurations, management capabilities, and PoE options to suit the needs of small businesses, enterprises, and home networks. Whether for high-speed Gigabit connectivity or cost-effective Fast Ethernet solutions, D-Link switches deliver reliable performance and scalability.

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