ZkTeco Access ZK4500 Enrollment USB Fingerprint Reader

ZkTeco Access ZK4500 Enrollment USB Fingerprint Reader

The ZK4500 is a stable and excellent fingerprint reader. The device can capture fingerprint image and upload to the PC by USB interface. It supports Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7(32/64bit) and Linux OS. We provide developer with SDK. The developer can integrate the hardware into their own system.

If you hear 1 long beep when working with ZK4500 is, it means that your lock is entering factory reset mode after program button is pressed and help for 30 seconds. I was rekeying my lock but neither the old or new key now works. It sounds like you may have accidentally misprogrammed the new cylinder.

Application areas

This product can be for home and company applications for attendance management program. For instance, home and company applications may involve creating any number of leave types Annual leave, sick leave, casual leave, maternity leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave, etc. Create your own holiday list. The device can be used in social security, public security, attendance, fingerprint encryption embedded system and other applications. The device is equipped with compact disc and a high speed USB interface. It is also very easy to install and use. It is important to note that for attendance management, you must always install the fingerprint reader driver AFTER installing the zkteco attendance program. Otherwise it won’t work.

The ZK4500 when used for attendance processing, it is effective and s real-time.  Attendance Management Software helps to capture attendance data in real time, from bio-metric sources. This is crucial to cut down on human error and costs.


  • High-performance, maintenance-free optical fingerprint sensor
  • Readily accessible for any finger
  • High quality industrial-class ABS plastic material with scratchproof texture surface
  • Treatment
  • Removable weighted stand
  • High speed USB interface
  • LED indicates the status of the device
  • Driver CD included
  • Available SDK for developers

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