Why you need a Burgler or Intrusion Alarm System?

Why you need a Burgler/Intrusion Alarm System?

A Burglar or Intrusion Alarm System is a system whose aim is to monitor and detect unauthorized access to a building.  This type of security solution is incorporated with the latest technologies to detect intruders and forbid them from entering the premises by giving alerts to the owners and triggering an alarm to produce a loud noise. You need these alarms provide a reliable way of protecting your property. The alarms will facilitate fast response by alerting people in the vicinity to compromised security at homes and businesses as soon as they occur.

The main reasons why you need a Burgler or Intrusion Alarm System is to enhance security in different contexts for both residential or commercial premises. The main purpose is offering   protection against burglary, vandalism, property damage, and, of course, the security of the individuals inside buildings.

The systems operate in different ways. Some of the most popular types of these alarms include:

Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors like SWAN QUAD Digital Quad PIR Detectors can be installed both inside and outside, these types of sensors trigger an alarm by identifying movement. They work by creating an ‘invisible zone’ that cannot be accessed without sounding an alarm, so are often used to protect areas containing valuable items.

Door and Window Sensors

These alarms are triggered by identifying unauthorized access via doors and windows. There’s two parts to these types of sensors – one part is installed on the door or window, and the other part is located on the door frame or window sill.

Break Glass Detectors

These types of sensors trigger an alarm by identifying the sound of breaking glass. They contain an audio microphone designed to recognize the frequency of glass breaking and usually have a working radius of several feet so can be placed in the middle of a room if there are multiple windows to secure.

In conclusion, you need burglar or Intrusion Alarm System installed in your property to deter thieves away from the house or commercial establishment. You can install them for securing industrial areas such as offices, warehouses and factories, residential homes and garages, commercial premises including shops, restaurants and hotels, and in storage facilities.  If intruders think there is security present at the property, they will keep off and the area you live in or work will be a safer place.

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