Smoke detectors for fire alarms

Smoke detectors for fire alarms

Shocking statistics show that lives are being lost every day due to the cost of fire accidents. According to the National Fire Protection Association, almost two-thirds of home fire deaths result from fires in homes with no smoke alarms or faulty detectors. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA ‘s) fire department survey, showed that in 2009-2013 fires in homes with no smoke detectors caused an average of 940 deaths per year (38% of home fire deaths). Since smoke is one of the important signs in the early stage of a fire, detecting it can save lives. Smoke detectors for fire alarms are developed to detect smoke at an early stage, and they can find visible or invisible smoke.

Although the addition of these detectors for fire alarms in your house or commercial establishment can mean additional expenses for you, it cannot be denied that the said device is an important must have. The amount spent in the purchase of this type of detector as well as the effort spent in maintaining it takes precedence over the detector’s usefulness. Especially in preventing the possible loss of properties and lives due to fires, this type of detector is definitely a good buy and not one to regret over.

Smoke detectors for fire alarms are available in Nairobi, Kenya. One of the top brand is Asenware Smoke detectors. Asenware stand-alone smoke detectors are conventional photo-electronic smoke detector uses a state of-the-art optical sensing chamber. The detectors are designed to provide open area protection and to be used with most conventional fire alarm panel. Some models are battery-powered smoke alarms with silence/test button. Some detectors feature convenient silence/test button, blinking power light, 85-decibel alarm. The devices also include side battery drawer and missing battery guard.

In conclusion, fire has become a big concern in every homes and commercial establishments where accidental fire usually happens. This is one of the reasons why we need to install smoke detectors for fire alarms to save lives.  People will feel more secured because of these life-saving devices.

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