Siemon Cat 6A Cables

Siemon Cat 6A Cables

Siemon’s Z-MAX® Category 6A is available in UTP and shielded Systems and features the highest performance margins across all critical transmission parameters. Siemon Cat6 a offers gigabit speeds and meets all telecommunications and Electrical standards for POE, Data and voice transmission. Siemon.

Siemon Cat 6A is a shielded end-to-end solution that represents the cutting edge of category 6A cabling. The cable supports channel performance exceeding ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 and ISO/IEC 11801 Class EA requirements. Siemon Category 6A cabling system supports emerging and converging IP applications like Voice Over IP (VoIP), IP video, remote powering and future 10Gbps applications.

Siemon’s category 6A and 7A shielded cables exhibit extremely stable transmission performance at elevated temperatures and require less length reduction than specified by TIA and ISO/IEC standards to satisfy insertion loss requirements. Therefore, it provides the cabling designer with significantly more flexibility to reach the largest number of work areas and devices in “converged” building environments.

Siemon CAT 6a Specifications.

  • Designed with Reverse sequential numbering
  • Round jacket
  • Bare copper for superior conductivity.
  • Packing; 305 Meters (1000ft) for full box
  • Has Minimal center isolation thus reducing the overall diameter of the
  • Jacket material is lead free

In conclusion, the market for remotely powered IP-devices is quickly growing and more advanced powering technology is being developed. The abilities of cables and connectors to operate in higher temperature environments and perform under dc load conditions are thus emerging as critical factors in the long term reliability of cabling infrastructure used to support PoE and other low voltage applications that deliver power over twisted-pairs. Fortunately, Siemon Cat 6A   cables are designed to operate under demanding environmental and remote powering conditions are already available today in Kenya. Siemon’s shielded cat 6A   support data rates up to at least 10GBASE-T in 70°C (150°F) environments. Thus, it is uniquely capable of maintaining highly reliable and stable performance with no mechanical degradation when used for converged zone cabling connections in hot environments.

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