Prysmian FP200 Fire Resistant Alarm Cable

Prysmian FP200 Fire Resistant Alarm Cable

Prysmian FP200 Gold cable is recognized as the world leader in fire alarm cables. Designed for easy installation, FP200 Gold fire resistant cable uses Insudite insulation that’s tough, resistant to tearing and abrasion avoiding all the installation problems commonly associated with silicone insulated soft skin cables.

The cable is used in fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings, voice alarm systems, emergency lighting systems and other essential service circuits. FP200 Gold is a tough, durable and easy to install & terminate fire resistant cable and is an ideal alternative to mineral insulated cables.

Features and Benefits

It has plain annealed copper solid (1.0-2.5sqmm) or stranded conductors (4sqmm) to meet the requirements of BS EN 60228 class 1 or class 2.  It has a high performance damage resistant Insudite insulation, BS EN 50363-5, Type EI5. The FP200 cable is available in brown-blue, brown-black-grey or blue-brown-black-grey as standard. Also made to special order in red-black, red-yellow-blue and black-red-yellow-blue

Another key feature is the polyester backed laminated aluminum tape bonded to outer sheath to provide overall screen. The cable also has a robust thermoplastic low smoke, zero halogen and reduced flame propagation outer sheath.

In order to protect the integrity of Prysmian FP fire resistant cables they should be installed in accordance with the manufacturers guidance including the use of fire resistant cable cleats, joints and glands.

To conclude, the Prysmian FP200 Fire Resistant Alarm Cable comes to give contractors peace of mind when it comes to the installation of fire alarm systems. Prysmian FP200 is reliable and durable, which make it essential alarm solution due to strict regulations for fire alarm installations and other fire protected circuits.

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