A10 Gate Motor Sliding Gate Centurion


A10 Gate Motor Sliding Gate Centurion

The Centurion A10 is capable of handling sliding gates up to two tonnes in mass, and in arduous operating conditions, the automatic choice for commercial and industrial applications is the A10 industrial sliding gate motor.

The CENTURION A10 uses a three-phase AC motor and electronic inverter to provide ultra rapid opening and closing of the gate. The speed can be increased from 16 up to 30 metres per minute and is adjustable between opening and closing. The inverter’s added advantage of total speed control, makes for the fastest, smoothest starting and stopping of any sliding gate on the market in addition to extending the long term reliability of the system. Combining the running characteristics of the three-phase motor and the efficiency of the inverter, the Centurion A10 continues to run cool even in high duty applications.

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