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Suprema Biometrics

Wondering where to buy Suprema products in Nairobi or elsewhere in Kenya? For the best of Suprema products, call our Suprema shop in Nairobi. Suprema Biomini Slim 3, Biomini Slim 2, Biomini Plus 2, Bioentry P2, Biolite N2, FaceStation F2, BioStation A2 IP Fingerprint Terminal, BioStation 2 Outdoor IP Fingerprint Terminal, BioStation L2 IP Fingerprint Terminal, BioLite N2 Outdoor IP Fingerprint Terminal, BioEntry W2 Outdoor IP Fingerprint Device, BioEntry P2 Compact IP Fingerprint Device, BioEntry R2 Compact Fingerprint Reader, Suprema X-Station 2, X-Station 2

Suprema is a leading provider of biometric products. Their offerings include fingerprint recognition devices, facial recognition systems, and iris recognition solutions. With advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technology, Suprema’s biometric products offer secure and accurate identification and authentication, making them ideal for applications in access control, time attendance, and identity management.

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