Gigaset cordless phone Kenya

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Gigaset cordless phone

Gigaset cordless uses up to 60 percent less energy.The Gigaset A220 and A490 Trio cordless telephone is the perfect choice for both, your home and office. As you can configure up to 4 handsets and two parallel lines with this cordless phone.

Please note: Only PRO handsets (S650H, R630H, R650H, SL610H and SL750H) are supported for use with the Gigaset PRO bases (N720IP PRO and N510IP PRO)

The table below shows the compatibility between Gigaset DECT bases and handsets

Full compatibility between the base and handsets (make calls, receive calls, transfer call, 3 way conference, call divert, Gigaset info services etc)

Basic Basic handset provides limited compatibility where handsets can make and receive calls plus use call hold and transfer. Features such as Corporate directories, Gigaset info services, Phone book features are not available.

GAP Limited compatibility with the base station. A GAP compatible handset can register to a base stations and allow user to make and receive calls . Features such as missed call notification, MWI, call forwarding, line selection etc is not possible with GAP compatible handsets.

KSh17,000.00 (KSh19,720.00 Incl. VAT)
KSh14,500.00 (KSh16,820.00 Incl. VAT)

Gigaset cordless phone Kenya