HP Smart Tank 515 Printers

HP Smart Tank 515 Printers

HP has been building printers for decades and the experience, and precision shows in every new unit. Recently HP launched the Smart Tank series and we got to tinker with the HP Smart Tank 515 printer. We spent quite a few days with it to understand it well. Did it impress us? Yes, at various levels. Let’s find out more about the printer.

Overall, the HP Smart Tank 515 printers are wireless AIO Printers that are good options for home users who need decent performance.  By AIO, it means that these devices are actually not just printers, but all in one devices. This is because they have scan bed on top that can hold an A4 sheet to scan it in color or black and white.

These printers are compact printers that hold ink tanks inside which make them it looks beautiful. They also come with HP GT53XL 135-ml Black Original Ink Bottle, HP GT52 70-ml Cyan Original Ink Bottle, HP GT52 70-ml Magenta Original Ink Bottle, and HP GT52 70-ml Yellow Original Ink Bottle. These printers are equipped with Wi-Fi Direct capability.  This wireless connectivity enables users to print and scan from anywhere. In addition, the feature also allows for smartphones to connect to the printers without the need for internet network.

If you are you looking for a nice printer to keep on printing, then worry no more because HP Smart Tank 515 Printers are now available in the market. These printers look like any other printers that come from brand HP, but have slightly larger size. However, do not get duped by the size, the printers are not heavy at all.

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