Fingerprint readers for biometric access control.

Fingerprint readers for biometric access control.

Fingerprint readers which are also known as scanners are commonly used items which are used for security purposes. Basically, they are biometric security devices which help in identifying a person by making use of specific patterns of crests in the fingers.

The technology works by taking the pattern of fingerprints and then storing the specifics, often called minutiae, in a database. When a user scans fingers, the new mapping is compared with the stored data. Access is either granted or denied based on matching patterns that are unique to each individual.

Fingerprint readers are the most used and popular method of biometric security and nowadays, these devices are available in a portable size unlike the previously used fingerprint readers. They are small enough to even be slot into your laptop. Top brands include ZKteco, Suprema and SecuGen.  Some specific modes that are available in Kenya are:

Today, both government organizations and big corporate s are making use of these devices for the identification, biometric authentication, and security of their employees. For instance, banks have been targets for both online and offline for identity theft and consumer fraud, and thus employ the solution of fingerprint recognition to help in strengthening the security that banks provide in safeguarding of the personal information of their customers. Not only this, some of the data centers are making use of these readers to improve remote access and also for management purposes.

In conclusion, fingerprint scanners and biometric systems are an excellent means of identification and access control. In the future, these gadgets will most likely become an integral part of most companies’ and peoples’ everyday life, just like keys, ATM cards and passwords are today.

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