Exploring Hikvision Access Control Solutions

Hikvision Access Control Solutions is more than just a way to secure your premises—it’s a dynamic system that adapts to your needs, from the simplest entry points to the most advanced security requirements. Let’s explore the range of solutions Hikvision offers:

Face Recognition Terminals

Empowered by deep learning algorithms, our face recognition terminals provide cutting-edge security. These systems ensure only authorized personnel gain entry, making your premises safer than ever before.

FingerPrint Terminals

Our fingerprint terminals integrate the latest algorithms and support multiple verification methods. From fingerprints to cards and PIN codes, these terminals offer a seamless and secure entry experience.

Product Categories

  • Value Series: Featuring a 1,000+ fingerprint capacity, perfect for smaller setups.
  • Pro Series: With a 3,000+ fingerprint capacity, ideal for larger organizations.

Card Terminals

For those preferring non-biometric options, our card terminals offer a secure and straightforward solution. Combining card swiping and PIN codes, these terminals are versatile for various indoor and outdoor applications.

Product Categories

  • Pro Series: High-level access control adaptable to multiple scenarios.
  • Value Series: Stand-alone devices with a lightweight and advanced design.


Our readers support a myriad of authentication methods, from EM/M1/Desfire/Felica cards to PIN codes, QR codes, Bluetooth, and more. Seamlessly integrating with various access control systems, these readers offer convenience and security.

Product Categories

  • Pro Series: Support RS-485 and Wiegand protocols.
  • Value Series: Support for Wiegand protocol.


Hikvision’s access controllers provide an advanced and comprehensive solution for enhancing security. These controllers can integrate with various devices like card readers, fingerprint readers, locks, or push buttons to meet diverse requirements.

Product Categories

  • Value Series: Powerful and stable with the best in logical architectural design.
  • Pro Series: Offering the latest in structural design for top-tier security. These controllers also support offline operation.
  • Ultra Series: Specifically designed for high-traffic areas like subways, airports, and banks.

Payment Terminal

Simplify transactions with our seamless payment solutions integrated into the access control system.

Visitor Terminal

Enhance visitor management efficiency and improve the overall visitor experience with our specialized visitor terminals.

Electrical Locks

Paired with our access control devices, electrical locks bring advanced door control and security to your premises.


For a ready-to-go package, explore our kits designed for a one-door access control system.

Web-Based Convenience

Our 2nd Generation Professional Access Control system offers web-based management for easy configuration and operation. Whether you’re in commercial, industrial, or residential settings, Hikvision’s door access controllers provide reliability and versatility.

With a wide range of products across different series, including Value, Pro, and Ultra, Hikvision ensures there’s a solution for every scenario. Elevate your security standards with Hikvision Access Control systems, where safety meets innovation. Stay tuned for more insights and updates on the latest in access control technology!

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