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Epson Projectors in Kenya

If you are looking to buy a new projector for a classroom, meeting room or home theater, the image you project on the screen should make a great impression on your audience. Epson projectors are what you need. With a wide variety of options from which consumers may choose, the Epson projectors have become one of the most famous kinds of projectors which can be used in multiple areas for different kinds of purpose.  

They have a range of features to suit your needs for use in classrooms and offices. Some of the most popular types include Epson 3000 Lumen projector, Epson 4000 Lumen Projector, Epson 5000 Lumen projector, and Epson 7000 Lumen projector, among others. In Kenya, some of the best-selling Epson projectors are:

Epson EB-X06

Epson EB-X06 enables users to enjoy big screen experience. It is 3600 Lumens Projector, delivering sharp presentations suitable for use in homes and also at the office. Epson Projector EB-X06   has exceptionally bright and clear images that also feature clearly defined shadows and deep blacks. It utilizes 3LCD technology that’s up to three times brighter than competitor products. Offering great value for money, it has an incredibly long lamp life.

Epson EB-E10

This is a data projector mounted on the ceiling. It is a high-quality and easy-to-use projector with 3,600 lumens.  Even when there’s ambient light, its 3,600 lumens and 3LCD technology are capable of delivering a bright and clear picture.  These features make it suitable for business or entertainment. It also works equally well at home or in the office. It’s incredibly long lamp life means it’s great value for money.

Epson EB-X51

This is a new Epson projector that the whole family can enjoy; from watching box sets to delivering sharp presentations. This XGA projector has the tools for the job. There’s no need to worry about ambient light because it produces a bright and clear display with 3,800 lumens and 3LCD technology. It’s also easy to transport and set up. Epson EB-X51 model also has an incredibly long lamp life, up to 18 years’ worth of entertainment, and thus ensuring great value for money.

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