Epson LX-350 Printers

The Epson LX-350 Dot Matrix printers are probably the most robust, compact and the most durable EPSON 9-Pin technology. The technology allow these devices to print up to 347 characters in a second. If you are looking for a robust and compact printer suitable for both your front and back office applications, then here is your sure bet. These printers are supremely reliable, efficient and goes up to 10, 000 operating hours without failure in any manner.

If you need a great printer for office applications, these highly reliable Epson LX-350 printers are great choice. This is because they have a mean time between failure of 10,000 operating hours. Besides, they are ideal for front and back office applications needing continuous paper or multi-part stationery.

Another reason to consider buying these devices regards cost. They   very economical printers to run because their high ribbon can yield 4 million characters. The printers also have low power consumption which helps to save money. Using just 1.1W in sleep mode and 27W when powered on, the LX-350 printers are qualified by ENERGY STAR for their excellent energy efficiency.

To conclude, the Epson LX-350 Printers have lots of features for your money.  If you are looking for a lower-cost printer for your office, these printers are comparably far cheaper to operate. Their ribbons last for over 1,000 pages. These printers bring out the fine prints of dot-matrix technology and important extras such as onboard font types. Buy one and it will work fine if you are printing text or simple graphics. It is equally important to find a suitable place to put your printers, ideally a flat surface that is near a plug.

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