Epson L850 Printers

Epson L850 Printers

The Epson L850 Printers are newest kid on the photo-printing block that is targeted at photo enthusiasts and homes. This means that you can buy the Epson L850 Printers to use it for professional and home photo printing. Another reason why you should consider buying this printer is because it also features a nifty Reprint/Restore function that lets you scan an old photograph and restore the original colors (or at least try to do so) before reprinting. There are a few options such as PhotoEnhance to improve the print quality of photographs. There is even a setting to fix Red-Eye before printing a photo.

Being a photo MFD, an L850 Printer allows you to print on both sides (manual) or even in the reverse order.  It also comes with six ink tanks, which can be independently refilled. You can also view the ink levels in individual cartridges.  You can tweak settings that allows varying the levels of individual inks for color correction.

If you look back at previous printers from the range, the L850 presents itself as a cross between the L800 and L550, but has s a lot more pleasing features. In terms of design, the L850 is a mix of matte and glossy black finishes, with a texture scanner lid. The unit folds neatly into the standard box look, with a retractable feeder tray behind the scanner bed on the rear and output paper tray on the front, along with an adjustable control panel as well. While the ‘floating’ control panel isn’t a new idea, Epson has streamlined its look with larger touch buttons and a larger display.

Besides, the Ink-Tank System (ITS) module is located outside the main body on the right-hand side. The module is quite loosely attached, as it hooks onto the printer’s side, so some caution should be applied when moving or transporting.

As I conclude, it is important to mention that the Epson L850 Printer comes with all the necessary cables.  You will not need to purchase anything separately because all you need has been provided. If you are a photo enthusiast at home or a professional, then the Epson L850 is a very good choice for you.

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