Epson L6190

Epson L6190

In the age of laser printer Epson is banking hard on its ink tank printer technology. The Epson L6190 is duplex type office ink tank printer, which offers great performance and inexpensive printing around the office.

In terms of cost, the Epson L6190 is priced at an affordable price with the option of low cost ink refills available by Epson.  This is cheaper than most laser printers in the market, which consume a lot of power. This implies that this printer will not burn a hole in your pocket every time you run out of ink.

Now coming to the fun part of the print and performance, you should consider buying Epson L6190 ink tank printer if you want to experience high printing speeds and borderless printing for up to A4 size. Armed with Precision Core™ printheads, print speeds are improved for increased efficiency. The print quality in both the modes, color as well as black and white is very good.

As I conclude, you can buy the Epson L6190 to enjoy its great performance and spill-free refilling for your small business or printing at home. I am sure that you will be impressed by the relatively light weight and compact size in case you do not have too much space on your desk. Besides, you will enjoy reliable quality of razor sharp text that are water and smudge-resistant.

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