Epson L6170 Printers

Epson L6170 Printers

Are you looking for a printer with the highest number of features? Or for a fast working, easy to use printer for office uses? Then yes, the Epson L6170 is one of the best ones.  It is an all in one printer with all that you could want. This means that it has an in-built Sheet-fed scanner so that you can scan and copy too besides printing.

The printer has ink tanks and very economical. Even after lots of printing for more than 10 months, the ink has not reduced even 40%.  The common advantage of having a color printer is one can get both color and monochrome outputs. The print quality is very good.  Besides, this printer supports photograph printing conveniently as it is compatible with photo sheets and it has a tray that can hold 20 photo sheets.

Users also like the duplex printing and combined with booklet printing option. The auto -duplex feature means that a user’s interference is not needed to alter the sheet’s side in the time of dual side printing.

This printer is very nice, compact and quite easy to setup the printer. Duplex printing also works very well and has a really awesome   Wi-Fi technology.  This means that you can print without the use of a computer, that is, from a smartphone directly, or printing without a cable connection for up to a distance of 20-25 meters. Whilst being Wi-Fi enabled it only works on Routers with a 2.4ghz speed and nothing less.

The Wi-Fi setup is a very nice feature and you can now enjoy the Wi-Fi print feature. Besides the speed and service of the printer are amazing. Company provides fast service if any problem occurs. All printers of Epson are wonderful but this one is amazing. You will never regret the investment. Happy printing.

To conclude, if you need to enjoy a compact, quiet and easy to setup printer with many amazing features, then consider buying the Epson L6170 Printer.  You enjoy it because its ink lasts long enough; duplex printing works well, and it has an easy to setup Wi-Fi feature for distance and smartphone printing.

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