Epson L3150 Printers

Epson L3150 Printers

Are you looking for good printers for use at home or small business? The Epson L3150 Printers are the ultimate multi-functional printers designed   for home users. These printers the also known as EcoTank ET-2710 in some markets. They have some great features that I will discuss here to clear doubts for all of those who are confused about buying.

To start, the Epson EcoTank L3150 are All-in-One (AIO), meaning that they can meet the Printing, Scanning, and Copying needs. These devices come with everything users need to print right out of the box. All that is needed is printing papers. These printers feature Wi-Fi Direct connectivity that allow users to connect up to 4 devices to a single printer without a router.

The model of these printer’s target home and small office segment   with installation that is free of cost to the customer. These devices also have the attractive feature of ink tanks that enable the them to meet the requirements of everyday printing and bulk printing requirement with a very low cost per print. These ink tank printers have large ink reservoirs or tanks and a static head that does not need replacement. The Ink tank is where the ink reservoir is deposited and the ink is sucked into the head using individual pipes. When the ink runs out, you simply need to refill the ink into the tanks. Therefore, no more running to your stationary guy with an empty cartridge hoping to get it refilled.

Another attractive feature that make these devices suitable for home printing is the automatic cleaning of the head. This feature option   ensures that the ink would never dry and ruin the head. Thus, the printers can be kept shut for weeks without the threat of the heads getting damaged.

As I conclude, the Epson’s EcoTank L3150 Wi-Fi AIO Ink Tank Printers are available in Nairobi Kenya. So if you print a lot at home or office and are considering owning a printer right on your desk, an ink tank printer is what I definitely recommend.

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