Epson L1800 Printers

Epson L1800 Printers

The Epson L1800 printers are geared, almost specifically, for photo printing. Thus, you need to buy these printers if you are considering to run a photo business. Besides, these printers are well built and   sturdy enough, and print top quality photos and documents. Their body are made of tough engineering plastic, and have matte finish. The ink tanks are hooked to the printer by the side, and the ink tank tray has a knob to prevent ink flow while transporting. The device is heavy, similar to other A3+- size professional, and occupies considerable space on the desk. There are grooves that you can use to lift the printer, and these facilitate easy transporting. The paper trays are of good quality.

I would recommend these printers because of the ease to set up and use. These printers come with six innovatively designed ink bottles that not spill ink while filling. The printers also feature self-explanatory buttons, which prevent confusing controls on the device.

While it is able to do standard prints, there are no other multifunction options. It is one of its kind as it is able to print photos of up to A3+ size. This made it possible for shops to purchase this printer for their photo printing services. Of course, many other photo sizes are still supported. Depending on the type of photo paper used, the feel of each photo may vary, but the quality of each photo is going to remain consistently high throughout.

In conclusion, the Epson L1800 Printers are almost specifically, for photo printing but are also ace for all types of printing. With their    six ink tanks that are understandably larger than those of the earlier L-series printers, these printers work well for documents, pictures and especially photos.

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