Electric Fence Kenya

In Kenya, any home will not be secure until you have enough security. The most basic security measure is the one that keeps the intruder at a bay with no access to your home or premises. At Brightsource Kenya, we are professional company dealing with installation of security systems in Kenya and in East African Region and great Lakes, we install, repair, maintain and service all types of Electric Fences and Razor Wire Fence. We also supply, install and advice other security systems like CCTV and IP Surveillance Cameras, Biometric Attendance Systems and access control, Metal Detectors, Automatic Fire and Burglar/Intruder Alarms among many other security systems.

Free Standing Electic Fence

This are Electric Fences that start from the ground up to a defined height. Typically in Kenya this are fences that you would find installed on large farms, parks and lodges and in homes or premises where the owner would like to keep life fences or allow view from outside the compound for instance a Car Bazaars. We custom install Free Standing Electric Fences depening on each client and site requirements.

Top Wall Electric Fences

These are the most common electric fence in Kenya as they are found on almost each home. They are typically installed on top of a stone wall fence to ensure that no one can gain access into the compound by jumping over the fence. These fences are the most affordable and can be enhanced by using Razor Wires while installing the electric fence. They can be powered using solar power.

Custom Installed Electric Fences

These are the Electric Fences which we custom design depending on the site design and requirements. They usually require great skills to ensure that the outlook of the home and beauty is maintained even with added security measure. These fences will have unique designs using different materials to achieve overall objectives on security and design.

Electic Fences Energizer

This is the main componet of each Electric Fences, each fence require a skills to ensure that the energizer machine chosen will be able to handle security requirements. For Instance small homes will require energizer machines without so much stored energy. For big farms and fencecs with large perimeter length, energizer machine plays an important role in ensuring the whole fences is powered at all times