Dual-way counter pro sound intermic

Dual-way counter pro sound intermic

If you want to enable your workforce to work safely and communicate effectively at work place, then dual-way counter pro sound intermic is a perfect solution for you. The intermic host has an intercom dedicated speaker and 37cm metal microphone, more convenient to realize free two-way intercom with the extension. It adopts aluminum alloy metal wire drawing process for the surface and metal hose for the microphone, beautiful and durable.

The new high-power extension is made of ABS material with silver border, available in black and silver. The 2W extension has a loud speaker and good pickup microphone. The rear of the extension is designed with mounting holes, which can be attached to the glass with double-sided tape or hung up, easy for recycling and storage.

Areas where dual-way counter pro sound intermic can be applied include banks, hospitals, stations, restaurants and booking offices. Designed to function without further intervention, the intercom’s modular design, contemporary styling and wide range of accessories means   easy to install solution and never looks out of place with the aesthetics of the building, whether it is for a retrofit or new build application.

In conclusion, employees working at Bank window, Hospital window, Ticket offices, Post office window, Securities window, Securities Company, Embassy visa office, Hospital, or Station where the security glazing is installed, can identify and manage risks to ensure that the workplace is safe, particularly during times of high risk. The dual-way counter pro sound intermic is a speech transfer system that ensure seamless communication and at the same time maintain social distancing and general safe working practices. Based on proven, reliable and patented technology, the dual-way counter pro sound intermic supports a full duplex (two-way) system amplified speech for both customer and staff, while minimizing background noise and actively reducing acoustic feedback.

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