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The difference between cat 5 and cat 6 :

Cat 5 and Cat 6 are using for various purposes. These are common ethernet cables. The common activities of this two cable are both are working as a cable for electric networking. This tool uses for connect

  • Computer
  • Server to Modem
  • ISP

Cat cables are generally popular for virtual networking. The Cat 5 and 6 both are capable for high-level performance.

About Cat 5:

Cat 5 Cable is divided into two segments:

  1. Cat 5 Cable
  2. Cat 5E Cable

Cat 5 is quite out dates in last few years.This cable can handle up to 10/100 Mbs with 1000MHZ bandwidth version. It helps the performance faster.

In another hand, Cat5E cable is invented from 15 years ago. This is the updated version of Cat 5. The performance is standard and improves the functions. It helps to get fast speed and make the network to flow high-level performance. So significantly it keeps a distance without impact by crosstalk.

About Cat 6 Cable:

This cable is the backbone of primarily related networking. Cat 6 has 10 Gigabits data, which bandwidth 164 feet long single cable can serve high-level performance.

Cat 5 Features:

  • 1GB speed of 100 meters
  • 250 MHZ frequency
  • More crosstalk during cable construction
  • Need faster change or update

Cat 6 Feature:

  • 10 GB speed Data with 55 Meters
  • 550 MHZ Frequency
  • Less Crosstalk
  • Future proof and most updated.

Difference between Cat5 and Cat5E :

Cat 5E Ethernet cables are the updated version of Cat 5. Cat5E is more strong, faster and reliable data flow through the network. In generally Cat 5 is flow data 10-100Mbps speed but Cat 5e the updates version has strength data flow up to 1000 Mbps. Yes, there have major differences between the two cables. Let’s see the differences in below:

Cat-5 and Cat-5e Features and Performance:

  • Performance:

Cat-5: Crosstalk rate is great in number.

Cat-5e: Crosstalk rate is less than Cat 5.

  • Speed:

Cat-5: 100 Mbps

Cat-5e: 1000 Mbps

  • Cost:

Cat-5: Little cheaper than Cat 5e

Cat-5e: 0.20-30 ($) per foot

  • Frequency:

Cat-5: 100 MHZ

Cat-5e: 100 MHZ

  • Cable Length:

Cat-5: 100 Meters

Cat-5e: 100 Meters

  • Future Use:

Cat-5: Limited

Cat-5e: Adequate

So we can see the feature and performance between Cat 5 and Cat 5e Ethernet Cables. Looks Frequency and cable length are same. Remember Cat 5e is the updated version so the manufacturer only changes the internal subsystem. The differences can identify the performance, speed, cost and future update.

  • Cat 5e performance has less crosstalk so potentially also good from Cat5.
  • Speed is much improved and faster than Cat 5. Cat5e has 1000 Mbps that easy to identify its speed variation.
  • Cost determined by per feet length of cable, which is also not at a higher rate.
  • The future use of Cat5e is better than Cat5, but it will not compete with Cat 7. At present Cat 7 I the latest version so both Cat 5 and 5e does not meet the future optimum target.