APC Smart-UPS C 1000VA 1KVA LCD 230V SMC1000I

APC Smart-UPS C 1000VA LCD 230V (SMC1000I): Reliable Power Protection for Home and Small Business


In today’s technology-driven world, a stable and uninterrupted power supply is vital for the proper functioning of our electronic devices. Power outages, voltage fluctuations, and electrical disturbances can disrupt our work, cause data loss, and even damage our valuable equipment. To safeguard against these risks, investing in a reliable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is essential. The APC Smart-UPS C 1000VA LCD 230V (SMC1000I) offers advanced power protection features, ensuring reliable power backup for home and small business users. In this article, we will delve into the key features, benefits, and reasons why the SMC1000I is an excellent choice for reliable power protection.

  1. High-Quality Power Backup: The APC Smart-UPS C 1000VA LCD (SMC1000I) provides a reliable power backup solution for your devices. With a capacity of 1000VA (1kVA), this UPS can handle the power demands of various electronics, including computers, routers, modems, and small servers. During power outages, it offers seamless transition to battery power, allowing you to continue working or safely shut down your devices without the risk of data loss or hardware damage.
  2. LCD Display for Easy Monitoring: The LCD display on the front panel of the SMC1000I UPS provides clear and real-time information about the UPS status, battery charge level, and load capacity. This feature allows you to monitor the UPS at a glance and make informed decisions about power management. The LCD display also provides diagnostic information, ensuring that you can quickly troubleshoot any potential issues.
  3. Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) Technology: Voltage fluctuations can be detrimental to the lifespan and performance of electronic devices. The SMC1000I UPS addresses this concern with its Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology. It stabilizes the output voltage, protecting your devices from overvoltage and undervoltage situations. By ensuring a stable power supply, the AVR technology safeguards your equipment, preventing potential damage caused by voltage irregularities.
  4. Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings: The SMC1000I UPS is designed with energy efficiency in mind. With its high-efficiency charging system and smart battery management, it optimizes energy usage, reducing power consumption and saving you money on electricity bills. The UPS also features a Green mode, allowing you to operate with high efficiency while maintaining adequate protection for your devices.
  5. Intelligent Battery Management: The SMC1000I UPS incorporates intelligent battery management technology, ensuring optimal performance and extending battery life. The UPS continuously monitors battery health and notifies you when it’s time for battery replacement. This proactive approach to battery management ensures that the UPS is always ready to provide backup power when needed, minimizing the risk of unexpected battery failures.
  6. Comprehensive Protection and Safety: The SMC1000I UPS offers comprehensive protection against power surges, spikes, and other electrical disturbances. It provides surge protection for connected devices, shielding them from damaging voltage transients caused by lightning strikes or sudden power fluctuations. The UPS also protects against overload situations, preventing potential damage to your equipment. With its comprehensive protection features, the SMC1000I ensures the safety and longevity of your valuable devices.


The APC Smart-UPS C 1000VA LCD 230V (SMC1000I) is a reliable and efficient UPS that offers advanced power protection for home and small business users. With its high-quality power backup, LCD display for easy monitoring, automatic voltage regulation, energy efficiency, intelligent battery management, and comprehensive protection features, this UPS ensures a stable and uninterrupted power supply for your critical devices. Invest in the SMC1000I to safeguard your valuable equipment, prevent data loss, and maintain productivity during power outages. Trust in this UPS to deliver the reliability and performance you need for a seamless power protection experience.