AMARON QUANTA is the industrial segment SMF battery for UPS applications. This battery is built to perform. In short, the lifeline to your UPS applications. AMARON QUANTA is a product of fail-safe, fool-proof battery technology, produced and tested in our premier manufacturing facility. Built to the highest technical competence in its class, the AMARON QUANTA is an example of Amara Raja’s commitment to bringing the best of technology to your table. It features several firsts for the battery industry like the unique Radgrid. There is a range  of AMARON QUANTA Batteries with different power ratings such as  12V, 12AH,  12V, 7AH, 7V, 12AH, among others to suit different needs.

In normal use, AMARON QUANTA Batteries will not generate or release hydrogen and oxygen gases, will not release acid mist and will not have acid leak. This is because the batteries are designed differently from conventional lead acid batteries in order to provide maintenance – free operation. They are inherently safer than conventional lead acid batteries. However, there is a possibility that under abnormal operating conditions, or as a result of damage, misuse and /or abuse, these potentially hazardous conditions (gassing, acid mist, and leaking electrolyte) can occur. Thus AmaraRaja recommends that the instructions entitled “SAFETY PRECAUTIONS” be reviewed thoroughly and strictly followed when working with AMARON QUANTA Batteries.

A summary of Performance Edge for AMARON QUANTA batteries

  • A unique heavy-duty corrosion-resistant alloy for positive grids to increase cyclic life in tropical environments.
  • A clutch of design features ensures that AMARON QUANTA batteries perform predictably and reliably everytime.
  • Instacharge a patented paste recipe for excellent charge acceptance.
  • Radgrid profile provides lower internal resistance and superior high-discharge performance.
  • Clean and sleek looks.
  • Low self-discharge rates for extended storage periods.

To use AMARON QUANTA batteries in UPS, ensure that  the Positive (+) terminal of the battery should be connected to the positive (+) terminal of the UPS charger and the negative (–) terminal of the battery to the negative (–) terminal of the UPS charger.

When it comes to installing the  AMARON QUANTA batteries, it is important to use the correct placement.  Study the battery arrangement drawing to determine the proper location of the positive and negative terminals of the battery and to determine the correct placement of the batteries in the cabinet. From the battery arrangement drawing determine the number of batteries to be placed in each row and tier. When installing modules in the cabinet, start on the back row of the lower tier for stability and safety reasons. Place modules in cabinet so that the positive (+) of one unit connected to the negative (–) of the next unit in accordance with the battery arrangement drawings. Standard spacing is 5 mm between modules. Ensure that the Batteries to be installed always in vertical position only.

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