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Brightsource Kenya devotes to provide a cutting edge technology with HybridBiometric, wifi application, RFID, time attendance terminal, internet application and solutions. It provides a full range of solutions including various fingerprints, RFID, face identification and palm recognition, time clocks, portable time clocks, time and attendance management software e.t.c.
Door Access Control

Main concerns regarding access include defining various access policies and defining user-wise access rights. The configured input and output ports and linking and, most importantly, generated reports, are now made possible. Key benefits of our Access Control Solution include higher security for organization and employees and protection of enterprise assets. Moreover, restriction of unauthorized access, elimination of lock and key problems are provided. Furthermore, provision of audit trail, complete history logging, ability to monitor status of devices is provided for throughout a facility. The result is cost reduction on security personnel.

Biometric Time Attendance

Our Time Attendance solution delivers the possibilities of defining organizational hierarchy, create various attendance related policies. With this, it’s possible to define manual entry and correction of the attendance events. Equally important, attendance authorization, holiday and shift schedule management and generate time-attendance reports. Teledata provides Wiegand, proximity, magnetic stripe, infra-red, hands-free, bar code, biometric and smart card reading technologies. Moreover, our controllers and administration platforms possess the ability to detect tamper conditions, as well.

Our identity and privacy solutions provide secure access to sensitive company data and information. This facilitates agile electronic business processes alongside Business Continuity. In conclusion, Threat Mitigation and Data Security, Identity and Privacy, Compliance and Training, likewise, are vital offerings. Finally, we have a local support team to ensure you get the right solution and have it done right, the first time!