What you need to have a complete CCTV for surveillance.

What you need to have a complete CCTV for surveillance.

Many businesses, bars, schools, restaurants, banks, country clubs, and homes rely on CCTV for protection. You may be wondering what components you need to install a CCTV surveillance. This article will cover all you need to know about CCTV and the components you need to have to a complete CCTV surveillance at your home or business.


What’s a CCTV system without cameras? You need cameras because they are the ones that serve as the eyes, and sometimes ears, of the security system. Without them, you won’t be monitoring much of anything. It is important to choose cameras are right for you.


CCTV cameras need two cables like RG59 to function: a power supply and a network connector. Cameras are electronic; therefore, they need power. Cameras also need to be connected to your network to send video feeds. IP cameras need a wire to reach to the nearest network connection, typically using an Ethernet cable. Other cameras need to be wired directly into the recording equipment.

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

Powering multiple cameras could not be easier! Luckily, there are Professional CCTV Power Supplies units that give installers what they expect when it comes to power supplies, quality and reliability.

Recording Equipment: Digital video recorder (DVR)/ network video recorder (NVR)

Recording equipment can take two forms. You can have an on-site network video recorder (NVR), like a DVR, or an off-site video recorder that uses the internet to send your data to an external storage facility, typically accessed through the cloud.

Data Storage

Recorded videos take up a lot of storage space. And, since CCTV cameras are always recording, they need somewhere to store all their footage. The most common data storage Hard Disks or SSD. Whichever method you choose, make sure you have enough storage space to maintain at least a couple weeks of data.

Viewing Device

Whether it’s a computer monitor or TV, you need a device to view your footage. Create the setup that is ideal for your needs.

In conclusion, a CCTV installation requires a number of cameras, cables, recording equipment, data storage, and viewing devices. With these devices, you can have a complete CCTV for video surveillance. You will be ready to install a CCTV network to detect and deter criminal activities, among other uses.

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