TPLINK 300Mbps Wireless N Ceiling Mount Access

TPLINK 300Mbps Wireless N Ceiling Mount Access Point

The businesses of today are demanding ever greater flexibility and security from their wireless networks to keep up in a world where things move fast. TP-Link’s new TPLINK 300Mbps Wireless N Ceiling Mount Access Point series delivers that and more.

This Wireless N Ceiling Mount is an amazing access point product that is very easy to setup. It covers 1200 Sqft, first floor of the house with multiple walls without any drop in speed or signal strength. And ground floor and terrace on 2nd floor with 70% signal strength. Best part is it has a POE adapter and that make it easy to mount on ceilings with a single ethernet cable for data and power. It’s not dualband and will support only 2.4Ghz.

The device offers an efficient guest authentication with Facebook and SMS support.  For instance, its captive portal helps maintain only authorized guests to use the network, presenting devices with a convenient, user-friendly authentication method to grant Wi-Fi access. The addition of SMS and Facebook authentication simplifies the captive portal even further to simplify connectivity and boost your business.

This device uses Cloud Centralized Management because of the Omada Hardware Controller OC200 and Omada Software Controller that make it easy to manage and monitor the whole Omada network in real-time. The cloud service enables users to remotely and securely access no matter where they are.

In conclusion, the TPLINK 300Mbps Wireless N Ceiling Mount is a device built for outdoor Wi-Fi applications. It has high transmission power and high gain antennas that provide a long-range coverage area. Its ceiling mounting design with chassis make it easy to deploy on a wall or ceiling.

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